Murder On The Orient Express

North Atlantic Ocean

As we flew across the Atlantic Ocean, I put my feet up and RELAXED as I watched Murder On The Orient Express.  It was a GREAT movie, Agatha Christie knew how to write them!

Camera used:  iPhone

Hogwarts Express

IMG_1096aOrlando, Florida

As we waited for our turn on the Hogwarts Express, at Universal Orlando, we passed piles of suitcases, waiting for those traveling far and wide.


+TR7c-0117.(IMG_2679)60Nephi, Utah

On our way to Southern Utah, this past week-end we saw a lot of snow. Soon, there was a train next to us, so we pretended we were racing it. Of course, they didn’t know about the race, but we did win.


The Metro

img_0217aWashington D. C.

We took the metro to get to the National Mall in the center of Washington DC, we had a great day!




Promontory Point, Utah

Central Pacific’s locomotive Juniper re-enacts the completion of the first Transcontinental Railroad as it approaches the Union Pacific Railroad’s locomotive No. 119. This happened on May 10, 1869 in Promontory, Utah Territory.

Golden Spike


Promontory Point, Utah

On May 10, 1869 the Union Pacific Railroad and the Central Pacific Railroad came together at Promontory Point in what was the Utah Territory and changed the future of our nation. In this photo the Union Pacific’s locomotive No. 119 is coming towards the Central Pacific’s locomotive Juniper, re-enacting the completion of the first Transcontinental Railroad.

Train Flying By


Thames Ditton, England

While waiting for our train (we missed the first one) I RELAXED just as another train flew by!  I always keep myself busy, I never get bored!!

June 2016

Photo taken with an iPhone 5s



Golden Spike National Historic Site

Promontory Point, Utah

When we have company from afar, we take them to Golden Spike National Historic Site at Promontory Point.  In 2006, we took our visitors to see the re-enactment of the driving of the ‘Golden Spike’ which allowed the Jupiter (Central Pacific Railroad) and 119 (Union Pacific Railroad) to come together.  This occurred on May 10, 1869 and changed our nation.