Bike with Columns

Rome, Italy

I took Craig’s family for a walk thru Rome, it was awesome!  I had to take a photo of this bike, sitting there, waiting for me to do so!

Camera used:  iPhone

Along the Way

Rome, Italy

As I went for a walk I came across this bike, I thought this was the perfect photo with beautiful Roman Pines in the background.

Camera used:  iPhone

Bike, Wall, Tree and House

Esher, England

Along the road I trod, watching all I past. A bike came along and as it wizzed by it gave me the opportunity to snap this shot. I love the bike as it took it’s passenger along, the brick wall with it’s various colors, the tree that is so big & barren and the house beyond that is so British.

Camera used: iPhone

Two Flags; Two Bikes

Esher, England

Bikes are fun to photograph, but finding two bikes and two flags in the background, makes it even funner!

Camera used:  iPhone

So Hawaiian

Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawai’i

As we walked along the street in Hanapepe, I loved this scene with a bike, it seemed so Hawai’i with the Hawaiian shirts in the window, a palm tree and the outside plants.  Hanapepe is a charming, sleepy town that comes to life on Friday nights with food booths and lots of shopping.

Camera used:  GoPro HERO5 Black

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And He’s Off


We had a wonderful walk, it felt so good with the warm sun touching us.  As we turned a corner my grandson took off.  He was loving it, too!



It is so fun to see the excitement and enthusiasm of a little one on a bike, even if the bike has training wheels, they are just as fun to watch!



I LOVE taking photos of BIKES and it is even more fun when my grandson is riding it!

On the Sidewalk


I loved seeing how excited my grandson was to ride his bike as we went on a walk!  So, along the sidewalk we went.  I can still remember how excited I was to ride my bike and I would have loved to have had my grandmother come along with me!



We had a fun walk, then I rested while my grandson left his bike and played on the playground.  It was a beautiful warm day!

BIKES Thru My Eyes

img_0211Washington D. C.

We took the Metro into Washington DC and had a great walk around the National Mall.  The National Mall is nearly 2 miles long and over 1,000′ wide in some areas.  So, it is really large and would entail a lot of walking to do all of it.  So, we started about half way at the Washington Monument and went towards the Lincoln Memorial.  From the World War II Memorial you can see the US Capitol Building peaking up over the horizon behind the Washington Monument.

Amongst The Trees


Niederkassel, Germany

As Christine and I were out on our walk, along the River Rhein, I saw someone get off their bike and walk towards the river, so I took the opportunity to get a photo of the bike.  It blends into the trees, bushes and scenery.

Photo taken with an iPhone 5s

Not European Championships

Bonn, Germany

As we walked around Bonn I saw a football, (American Soccer) game going on, on the grounds of the University of Bonn. It wasn’t the European Championships that are going on right now, but it was the perfect place for me to put my feet up and RELAX, bike and all!!

2016 – iPhone

Lots of Pigeons

Kingston Upon Thames, England

There are a ton of pigeons in England and they are fearless, so you have to watch out for them. Right after taking this photo one whizzed by my face! I thought of my friend Vicki Tuua​, when I saw this sign! Is your deck any better?

While eating lunch with my friend Ilaria Silli​, I noticed people crossing the bridge and looking down, see the lady on the bridge, looking down, what do you think she’s looking at? Tomorrow I’ll show you, here’s a hint; there is one in this photo! Any guesses?

May 2016

Photo taken with:  iPhone 5s

Glistening In The Rain

GlisteningInTheRainReims, France – 2016 – iPhone

After a yummy French Dinner we walked back to our car, in the rain and I could resist this photo of bikes in beautiful Reims, France!

Quaint Village


Piediluco, Italia

Our friends, Enrico & Letizia took us to a very quaint village in the mountains.  As we walked along the main street I took lots of photos.  I love this photo that is so ‘Italian’!


Tandem A Roma

TandemRomaRome, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

I’ve always had this thing for taking photos of bikes. So, when I see either a cool bike or a bike with cool surroundings, I have to snap a photo! This one, in Rome, was no different!

Ponte Delle Catene


Bagni di Lucca, Italy

We went to the city that Paola is from, Bagni di Lucca, a very quaint, pretty village nestled in the mountains.  I walked across the Bridge of Chains (Ponte Delle Catene) and there was a chair waiting there for me to RELAX on.  I sat down and waited, soon enough a bike came along, there is nothing like a bike, a bridge and relaxing all together!  😊

April 2016

Taken with an iPhone 5s

Touring Zagreb

TouringZagrebZagreb, Croatia – 2016 – iPhone

Our dear friend Sister Pratt and her companion, Sister Davenport, took us on a tour of Zagreb, Croatia. Even though it was a wet, rainy day, they were troopers and off we went! I couldn’t resist this photo of a bike with some of our tour guides!

Huge Bubble

HugeBubbleCopenhagen, Denmark – 2016 – Canon 50D

As we walked along Copenhagen’s walking street, we saw a man playing with bubbles. They were so big and fun! Later as we passed by him again, children were chasing the bubbles and popping them!  I wanted to get a photograph with some bikes and a bubble.  I had to wait for a little bit because the children were having so much fun, but I finally got this photo!