Looking At Me


Mormon Row, Wyoming

We had a wonderful time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with our dear friends Pam & Milt Taylor, THANKS for the invitation to go!  They took us to a place called Mormon Row, not far from Jackson Hole, an area that was settled by Mormon Settlers. While driving thru the area we saw this herd of Buffalo coming towards us and so we whipped out our cameras. I love this shot with a Buffalo looking at me and a baby Buffalo behind it.

Photo was taken with a Canon 50D

Baby Buffalo (Calf) Nursing


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

I love with photo of a baby Buffalo, a calf, nursing.  Chelsea and I had a wonderful time watching nature throughout Yellowstone Park!

Photo taken with a Canon 20D


Buffalo Herd


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Jamie, (my daughter) and I planned a fun trip to go and see her husbands grandparents in Idaho.  The night before some of her children were ill, so I had to decide do I still go with Chelsea or cancel the trip.  I decided to go for it.  Chelsea and I ended up having a wonderful trip to Idaho and then to Wyoming where we drove thru Yellowstone Park.  While driving thru we saw a lot of Buffalo.  Cars were stopped all over and people were outside their cars trying to get the perfect shot!

Photo was taken with a Canon 20D