Sea Snail

Lihue, Hawaii

They grow things big in Hawaii, look at this Sea Snail.  Sea Snail is a common name for snails that normally live in saltwater, they are marine gastropods with shells.  Some of these are edible, oh yummy!  I am so glad I didn’t accidentally step on it!

Photo taken with my Canon 50D camera.

Pretty Colors

IMG_0027aRiviera Maya, Mexico

At Xcaret, they have an area with butterflies.  There were lots of different types of butterflies and some were very interesting and pretty!

Photo taken with my Canon 50D camera.

Beautiful Butterfly


Riviera Maya, Mexico

While at Xcaret, we went to an area where there were butterflies everywhere.  The trick was to get them to stop long enough to get a photo.  They were beautiful!

Photo taken with my Canon 50D camera.



Dragon Fly


Scy-Chazelles, France

Something else that are really hard to get photos of are Dragon Flies.  They, like Bumble Bees, move a lot, but they at least stop at some point.  This one was in Robert Schuman’s garden.  He’s a pretty golden color!

Photo taken with a Canon 50D

Lavender with Bumble Bee


Scy-Chazelles, France

Do you know how hard it is to get a photo of a Bumble Bee, it is really, really hard because they don’t stop moving.  I took a lot of photos with blurred bees before I got this one in Robert Schuman’s garden.  I love the color of Lavender!

Photo taken with a Canon 50D