Bumble Bee & Flowers

IMG_7704Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

While visiting the Benjamin Franklin Museum, we went outside where they have a structure that shows where Benjamin’s house once stood. There in the area that would have been the courtyard are some beautiful flowers. As I was taking photos of them, a Bumble Bee came by and enjoyed the different and very colorful flowers.

Beautiful Flowers


Pupukea, Oahu, Hawaii

As we walked up to Waimea Falls, we saw a lot of very beautiful flowers!  It is a beautiful walk and very worth it!

Photo taken with an iPhone 5s

The Home of Robert Schuman


Scy-Chazelles, France

The home of Robert Schuman is very modest and shows what a humble man he was!  Thanks to Marlies & Helmut Werner for bringing us here!  This photo was taken from his garden showing the back of his house with the steeple of the church he visited daily which is across the street from his home.

Photo taken with a Canon 50D

In His Gardens


Scy-Chazelles, France

Robert Schuman’s gardens are beautiful and impressive.  Here I found a spot to put my feet up and RELAX!

Photo taken with an iPhone 5s

Dragon Fly


Scy-Chazelles, France

Something else that are really hard to get photos of are Dragon Flies.  They, like Bumble Bees, move a lot, but they at least stop at some point.  This one was in Robert Schuman’s garden.  He’s a pretty golden color!

Photo taken with a Canon 50D

Dainty White Flowers


Scy-Chazelles, France

These flowers are so dainty and pure looking.  I don’t know the name of them, so if you do, please let me know!

Photo taken with a Canon 50D

Black-Eyed Susan Vines


Scy-Chazelles, France

Here are some beautiful Black-Eyed Susan Vines (Thunbergia Alata) that were also in Robert Schuman’s garden.  I have always loved the color yellow and these flowers with the black center are stunning!

Photo taken with a Canon 50D

Robert Schuman’s Gardens


Scy-Chazelles, France

Robert Schuman was an amazing man, born in Luxembourg, he grew up to be called the ‘Father of Europe’. He spent most week-ends at his home and the last few years of his life there, during which time he attended church daily. His garden is beautiful and peaceful, so I took advantage and put my feet up and RELAXED. In this photo you can see his house thru the trees to the right and the church he attended to the left.

Photo taken with an iPhone 5s

Gate to Robert Schuman’s Home


Scy-Chazelles, France

The garden’s at Robert Schuman’s house are beautiful as you will see by other  photos that I will post.  They are well manicured and kept up so well!  This photo was taken from inside his yard, so this is what people would see as they left his home.

We were very happy that our friends, Marlies and Helmut Werner, took us out to learn about this humble and extraordinary man!

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Newbury, England

The gardens at Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle) are beautiful!  Because of the rain I wasn’t able to take as much time as I would have liked, but I enjoyed it!


Taken with an iPhone 5s

Flowers from Di’s Garden

IMG_2038West Ewell, England

David and Di, our dear friends, have a beautiful garden.  Here are some growing up the wall.

May 2016

Photo taken with an iPhone 5s

Hampton Court Gardens


East Molesey, England

The gardens at Hampton Court are beautiful!  There were so many flowers for me to take photos of, I could have spent all day!


Photo taken with an iPhone 5s