Sitting on a Flower


Riviera Maya, Mexico

As we walked around we saw lots and lots of butterflies flying or sitting on a flower. They were so gorgeous! 

Pretty Colors

IMG_0027aRiviera Maya, Mexico

At Xcaret, they have an area with butterflies.  There were lots of different types of butterflies and some were very interesting and pretty!

Photo taken with my Canon 50D camera.

Beautiful Butterfly


Riviera Maya, Mexico

While at Xcaret, we went to an area where there were butterflies everywhere.  The trick was to get them to stop long enough to get a photo.  They were beautiful!

Photo taken with my Canon 50D camera.



Added Beauty


Afton, Wyoming

From what I can tell this is a butterfly because butterflies have a bulb at the end of their antennas and moths do not.  The flowers around the  Star Valley Wyoming Temple were so pretty and this one with a butterfly on it, well, it just added to it’s beauty!

Camera used:  Canon 50D




Mount Vernon, Virginia

I love the gardens at Mount Vernon and I love butterflies, so it was a perfect day of both!

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly

Allerton Gardens, Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii – 2012 – Canon 20D

After going on a tour of the Allerton Garden with my Step-Mother, Sonja, we walked through some beautiful flowers covered with butterflies.  Butterflies are so hard to take photos of because they rarely stop moving!  I was so pleased to get this photo!

Farfalla Bianca

BF2b-0607.(IMG_1773)80.+ copyCamerate Nuova, Italy

While out walking with friends thru the mountains northeast of Rome, back in 2007, we came across this beautiful Butterfly (Farfalla).


La Farfalla di Rosa

bf1d-0607-img_1863-60Camerata Nuova, Italy

We went up into the mountains north of Rome with some friends and there, in 2007, we had a wonderful time at our friend’s cabin, Enrico & Letizia.  At one point we all went for a walk, it was gorgeous!  Amongst the trees were these beautiful butterflies, tiny and very small.  My friend Rosa, put one on her hand, so I call this one, La Farfalla di Rosa (Rosa’s Butterfly).