IMG_1053aOrlando, Florida

I love all the fountains around Orlando, they are gorgeous!  I love the reflection in the water, beautiful!

Pineapple Fountain


Orlando, Florida

We spent the day at Universal Studios and as we entered I saw this Pineapple Fountain, I love it, so ENJOYED taking this photo of it with water coming down.  I love the palm trees in the background.

Pleasant & Peaceful

IMG_2410.80Winter Garden, Florida

We spent a lovely Easter with our friends Jim and Beverly.  As we left their home we enjoyed the pleasant and peaceful feeling in their neighborhood, as we looked out at their fountain and yard!

Roman Drinking Fountain


Rome, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

Rome has drinking fountains all over with fresh, delicious water running from them. If you put your finger under the spout, water comes up and out of a hole allowing you to drink the water. It is so refreshing on a hot day or just a perfect day of walking around Rome!

Piazza Venezia

itr3a-0402Rome, Italy

Piazza Venezia is a beautiful place to get some fun, unique photos!  It is also a very busy piazza full of people. By going to a corner I was able to get this photo people free.  I like the water coming off of the fountain and the Italian flags.


Trevi Fountain from the Side


Rome, Italy

It’s hard to get a good photo of Trevi Fountain because there are so many people around it! Having said that, once I went there at 2 am and there were hardly any people there!


Trevi Fountain


Rome, Italy

One of the most well known fountains in the world, Trevi Fountain, is also one of my favorites. Legend says if you throw a coin in the fountain you will return to Rome, so far it has worked for me!

#ITR1b-0202 Trevi Fountain

The Pantheon

itr12c-505-il-pantheon-original80dRome, Italy

This photo is looking past a fountain that stands in front of the Pantheon, with the front of the Pantheon in the background.  The Pantheon is a very unique building and one of my favorites in Rome because there is nothing else like it!  It was originally built as a Greek Temple about 27 B.C. but the present building was built about 126 A.D. and is now a Catholic Church.  It is a circular building with a dome that has a circular opening that allows rain to fall to the floor below.  The floor slopes just enough so that drains along the wall can catch the running water.  I have been there during a rain storm and it is pretty interesting!  The engineering from nearly 2,000 years ago is awesome!