fw1c-0705-slc-ut80-copySalt Lake City, Utah

Fireworks are fun to take photos of and a nice challenge! I hope you have a WONDERFUL New Year’s Celebration! HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2017 be a GREAT year for you!


Disneyland Does Good


Anaheim, California 

 We had settled down for the night in our hotel and heard the fireworks begin, so I ran out and was able to get a few good photos. Disneyland always does such a good show!!

Fireworks or Night Sky


Anaheim, California

It’s always fun taking photos of fireworks as well as the night sky and with this photo I’ll ask, is it fireworks or the night sky?

Welcome May

WelcomeMayGuidonia, Italia – 2016 – Canon 50D

After having a wonderful evening with friends, we were preparing for bed when we heard fireworks, apparently to welcome in May or maybe they were welcoming the Pacini’s to ‘ROMA’?

Tom’s Fireworks

PA22b-0710.(IMG_606360)Lehi, Utah

My brother-in-law is a pyrotechnical.  It is so fun to go to his children’s wedding receptions, because there are Fire Engine’s there, waiting for the fireworks at the end.  He does a great job!  I took these photos (combined into this one) of some of his fireworks in 2010 of our Independence Day Celebration (July 4th).  I LOVE FIREWORKS!