HAPPY 4th of July

Lehi, Utah

These fireworks were put on  by my brother-in-law Tom.  He does on a great show!  I hope you all have an awesome day as we celebrate our nations independence!  This is a great land of freedom, peace and opporutnity.

Camera used:  Canon 20D

Ride Bike; Charge Phone

Long Beach, California

This is awesome, you can ride a ‘bike’ and charge your phone while waiting for your flight.  What a great way to exercise before you sit for hours on a plane!!  This was the perfect place for me to RELAX before I actually did get on the bike, charge my phone and exercise.

Camera used:  iPhone


Palm To The Sky

Long Beach, California

I love palm trees! This one is different than most, with short fronds, but it does have a long trunk.

Camera used: iPhone

Salt Lake City to Long Beach

Great Salt Lake, Utah 

We had a great trip from Salt Lake City to Long Beach, California. The guy in front of me was so funny, this was his first time on a plane and he was really nervous. We just took off and a little later he asked, are we there yet? I looked out the window and what did I see? We were just passing over The Great Salt Lake and Saltair, we had a long ways to go! HA! HA!

Camera used: iPhone

Staying Hydrated

Farmington, Utah

We had a fun time at Lagoon, a local amusement park.  It was fun as the grandkids ran to get water and unknowingly all lined up!

Camera used:  iPhone


First Day of Swimming

Salt Lake City, Utah

The grandkids were so excited to go swimming and so were the big kids!  This was the perfect place for me to put my feet up, RELAX and ENJOY LIFE!

Camera used:  iPhone


Canopy of Trees

Koloa, Kauai, Hawai’i

I love this tree tunnel near Poipu, on the island on Kauai. On our way to and from Poipu we drive thru this Tree Tunnel. Some days it is raining, other days you can see the blue sky thru the trees. It is a fun place and I love taking photos when there is little traffic. This Tree Tunnel has rows of Eucalyptus Trees that were planted about 150 years ago by sugar king Walter McBryde. LOVE IT!

Camera used:  GoPro HERO5 Black


Mary’s Garden

Salt Lake City, Utah

I went with my photo buddy, Pam, to capture the beautiful flowers in our friend, Mary’s, gorgeous garden.  There were so many things to take photos of!  Then, I sat and RELAXED amongst the poppies.

Camera used:  iPhone


Balloon Festival

Panguitch, Utah

A few years ago, my photo buddy and I went to Panguitch for their Balloon Festival.  It was awesome and so much fun!  I have wonderful memories of that trip, thanks Pam for a great time!

Camera used:  Canon 50D


Thru The Palm

+SS53b-0509.(IMG_9466)80Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of my favorite places in the world, this sunset might help you to understand why!  I had a wonderful walk along the beach as the sun was setting and it was a gorgeous sunset!

Camera used:  Canon 20D



Christmas, Florida

Chelsea came with my friend Pam and I and we went on an airboat.  It was fun and exciting to see so many alligators.  There was the worry that the airboat would break down, HA! HA!  I love the name of this place!

Camera used:  Canon 50D


Flying Across America

Columbia Heights, Minnesota

Looking out my window the scenery is much different from when we left England. The beautiful shades of green have been replaced by snow and ice. Even so, it has it’s own unique beauty!

Camera used: iPhone

Happy Valentine’s Day

Atlanta, Georgia

Chelsea was very excited to see this giant heart in the Atlanta Airport.  So, today, I wish you a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, may it be awesome!

Camera used:  iPhone

Rushing Past Me

Salt Lake International Airport, Utah

I was RELAXING as I waited for my plane, others were rushing past me to get to theirs.

Camera used:  iPhone


Timber Lakes, Heber City, Utah

We went Timber Lakes and when we arrived there was no snow, by morning there was snow everywhere and throughout the day it deepened and deepened as the snow fell softly all around.  So, pretty!

Camera used:  iPhone

Walking Past Turtles

Poipu, Kauai, Hawai’i

It was fun watching these two turtles on the beach.  I wasn’t the only one watching them.  Others were walking past them and loving it, too!

Camera used:  Canon G16

Star Wars

Salt Lake City, Utah

WOW, I loved Star Wars!  There is something that really touches you as you see the words STAR WARS come up on the screen, with it’s powerful music!  I put my feet up and RELAXED for just minute and then the action began, I thought it was great!

Camera used:  iPhone

Temple Square

Salt Lake City, Utah

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is to go to Temple Square and see the Christmas lights.  It is very moving and draws me closer to my Savior as I reflect on Him and all He did for me!

Camera used:  Canon 20D