Susquehanna River

img_0380Nineveh, New York

We went for a drive through the countryside of New York State with our friend, Grace Houghton and it was beautiful! At one point we crossed the Susquehanna River and saw people boating on the river. It was early in the Fall, but some of the leaves had begun to change, so gorgeous!

George Washington Bridge – 1931

bs1b-1006-img_2579-washingtonbridge-60New York City, New York

We were in New York City in 2006 visiting family and while we were there we went on a cruise around New York City, on the Hudson River.  It was a beautiful day as we passed under the George Washington Bridge and looked at the city.


Beautiful Carousels

ca1d-0703-binghamton-60Binghamton, New York

From 1919 – 1934 George F. Johnson, a shoe manufacturer, donated six beautiful carousels to the City of Binghamton. George felt carousels should be enjoyed by everyone and insisted that there would never be a charge for a magic ride. While on a trip, visiting our friends Grace and Charlie in 2003, they took use to these 6 carousels, where I had fun taking photographs of them.