California Traffic


Anaheim Hills, California – 2016 – iPhone

Six miles an hour, but GREAT bonding time! 😊 We were on our way to visit friends and the traffic was bad, so I took this photo to show them how bad the traffic really was!



Redwood City, California

My mother-in-law’s beautiful Camellia.


Palm and Flowers

San Diego, California

I LOVE palm trees, they are beautiful as they wave in the wind.  On a trip to San Diego we went to the San Diego Zoo and as we entered I looked up and saw this palm tree waiting for me to take it’s photo!

Camera used:  Canon 20D


Golden Gate Bridge

UCASF3c-0702 Golden Gate Bridge60a (B-17)San Francisco, California

The Bay Area has always been a fun area for us to visit.  Now that Craig’s parents have passed away, we don’t go there as often as we use to.  On this trip to California in 2002 we drove across the Golden Gate (a strait connecting the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean) via the Golden Gate Bridge.