New Zealand


Laie, Oahu, Hawaii

Of course, my favorite village to visit at the Polynesian Cultural Center is New Zealand, my home land! We had a fun time watching their program, practicing the POIS, getting ‘tattoos’ and I found the perfect spot to RELAX!


Mt. Taranaki Thru The Fog


New Plymouth, New Zealand

As my dad and I were flying from Auckland, New Zealand to New Plymouth, I was really disappointed when I heard the stewardess announce over the intercom that we wouldn’t be landing in New Plymouth because it was fogged in and that we’d be flying into Wanganui and then bused up to New Plymouth!  I was disappointed because we had family waiting at the airport for us and we were anxious to see them, but I was also disappointed because I was hoping to get a photo of Mt. Taranaki as we flew into land.  A short time later I looked out at the fog and was amazed at what I saw!  The perfect shot of Mt. Taranaki sticking up through the clouds!

Photo taken with a Canon 50D


Baby Calves

+NZIW2d-0108.(IMG_6881).80Inglewood, New Zealand

We had a wonderful trip to New Zealand, we stayed at my cousin’s on their dairy farm.  On New Year’s Day I went for a walk and took some fun photos.  These baby calves were so curious, they came to see what I was doing!  Mt. Taranaki or Mt. Egmont is in the background.  Yes, it is a volcano.


Mt. Taranaki or Mt. Egmont


New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

Mt. Taranaki holds a special place in my heart because my dad was born close to it and he could see it from his home, growing up.

In 2007 we went with my dad, Derek and my step-mom, Sonja and with some of our children, (Ashley, Benjamin & Chelsea) to New Zealand.  This was the first time any of my children had been to where I was born.

This photo was taken from Pukekura Park, a beautiful park to walk thru, looking at Lake Mangamahoe.  Mt. Taranaki, in the distance, though an active volcano is a quiescent stratovolcano.


Sky Tower

+NZA5a-1207.IMG_5192).80+Auckland, New Zealand

My mom was born in Auckland, New Zealand, so I love going there and thinking of her.  In 2007 we had a wonderful trip to New Zealand and we went up in the Sky Tower.  I am not one that likes heights, so I was very nervous, but the view was amazing!  The Sky Tower was completed in 1997.

The Pohutukawa tree, in the foreground, is a native New Zealand tree, also called the Christmas tree because it blooms just before Christmas and until mid-January.


Treaty of Waitangi

Waitangi, New Zealand

We had a wonderful time at Waitangi where we saw a re-enactment of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi and learned the history of it.  It is a beautiful setting and we felt a peaceful spirit there.

Camera used:  Canon 20D