Norway to Sweden



We passed some beautiful places as we drove from Oslo, Norway to Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2016.


Back To Rain


Gothenburg, Sweden

When we arrived in Gothenburg 2 1/2 months ago, it was cold and rainy, now it is still rainy, though not quite as cold! So, once again I put my feet up and RELAXED! Having said all that, the next day it was sunny and warm and the figure on the horse, yes the statue, had a scarf on!

Photo taken with an iPhone 5s

Lake Vanern

IMG_6864Åmål, Sweden

We were only in Norway a few days, not long enough! It is a beautiful country and we look forward to returning someday and exploring other areas! We returned to Sweden, the last leg of our amazing journey! We stopped and ate dinner in a small town, Amal, which has a lot of refugees. Our waiter was a Kurd. We saw this beautiful view, looking thru the trees at Lake Vanern.

Photo taken with an iPhone 5s

So Cool!


Gothenburg, Sweden

As we walked around Gothenburg we came across these cool doors.


Just Chillin’


Gothenburg, Sweden – 2016 – iPhone

We had a long walk today, about 6 miles, so it was nice to just sit and RELAX for a bit!

Gota Canal in Springtime


Gothenburg, Sweden

We had a wonderful walk around Gothenburg in the Spring of 2016.  The canal, the spring flowers were so gorgeous!




Gothenburg, Sweden

We loved our time in Sweden, particularly Gothenburg, so quaint and pretty!

Hooded Crow


Gothenburg, Sweden

We had a nice walk thru the park and we saw a lot of other people doing the same thing! There are a lot of Hooded Crows throughout Scandinavia and Europe. They are black and grey and I think they are pretty birds!

Photo taken with a Canon 50D

Land of Over 97,000 Lakes

Land97000LakesGothenburg, Sweden – 2016 – iPhone

We had a wonderful flight to Sweden!  It is a beautiful country as seen by the view as we landed!  Lots of pine trees and tons of lakes.