Church of Mary the Queen

ChurchOfMaryTheQueenBled, Slovenia – 2016 – iPhone

We went on a wonderful tour around Bled Lake. We took a boat (like a Gondola) across to Bled Island and walked up the 90 steps to the Church of Mary the Queen. It is such a beautiful area!

Predjama Castle

PredjamaCastlePredjama, Slovenia – 2016 – iPhone

What an amazing castle that we were able to visit! Inside you can go into the cave, which is impressive and the views are awesome! This castle was built in about the 13th century into a large cave, it has been added to over the years. In the 16th century, it was obtained by the Knights of Adelsberg and has remained pretty much unchanged since then. The only access to it was by those within putting a ladder out a window and down it’s face, allowing their guests to climb in. It was a very safe place from enemies and invaders!

Relaxing In Snow, Zagreb-Lucca

Cerknica, Slovenia – 2016 – iPhone

We sadly left Zagreb, Croatia (after having a wonderful time) and headed for Lucca, Italy. Surprisingly, we had a lot of snow as we passed thru Slovenia, maybe it was from the rain we had, the day before, in Zagreb??

On The Road Zagreb-Lucca


Vipava, Slovenia – 2016 – iPhone

We had a beautiful drive from Zagreb, Croatia to Lucca, Italy. The snow eased up as we got closer to Italy. We didn’t have time to stop and take all the photos I wanted 😉 (it would have taken hours) so I did what I could and snapped photos from the car! Slovenia’s countryside is beautiful!

Beautiful Countryside

ViewPredjamaCastlePredjama, Slovenia – 2016 -iPhone

Today we went on an amazing tour of Slovenia. I was pleasantly surprised that Slovenia is such a beautiful and green country! We went out to the Predjama Castle and from there I took this photo of the amazing countryside.

Bled Castle

YIWE4525.50Bled, Slovenia

We took a day tour around Slovenia, it was wonderful. From Bled Castle we could see Lake Bled below. Slovenia is a beautiful country!