Castel Sant’Angelo

CastelSantAngeloRome, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

We decided to take a walk thru Rome. We walked along the Tiber River and saw some beautiful sights! Castel Sant’Angelo was built by the Emperor Hadrian as a tomb for he and his family in 134 AD. His ashes were placed here a year after he died in 138 AD. In later years it became a fortress for Popes. Today it is a museum.

Roman Drinking Fountain


Rome, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

Rome has drinking fountains all over with fresh, delicious water running from them. If you put your finger under the spout, water comes up and out of a hole allowing you to drink the water. It is so refreshing on a hot day or just a perfect day of walking around Rome!

Tandem A Roma

TandemRomaRome, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

I’ve always had this thing for taking photos of bikes. So, when I see either a cool bike or a bike with cool surroundings, I have to snap a photo! This one, in Rome, was no different!

Il Colosseo

Rome, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

I love the Colosseum, there is just something about it’s history that fascinates me. (No Christians were killed here.) There are always so many people around the Colosseum, and today was no exception, so I went with a photo of the top!


Beautiful Flowers

BeautifulFlowersGuidonia, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

I went for a walk and really enjoyed it! I love the wild flowers I saw along the way! Fortunately, I had an umbrella with me because it started to rain.

Beautiful Countryside

BeautifulCountrysideAlanno, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

Craig’s barber’s (in Rome) daughter and her husband run a beautiful hotel and restaurant, Villa Alessandra, here in Alanno, Italy. The setting is beautiful, picturesque! When I think of getting away from the world, the busy city, life, one of the places I think of is Alanno!

Pescara to Rome

PescaraRomeCocullo, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

One of my favorite drives, in the whole world, is the road from Rome to Pescara! I counted how many tunnels there are many years ago, but I have since forgotten, about 20ish, I think! The best thing is that you are on as many bridges, if not more! As you come out of a tunnel you are up high on a bridge and you can see some of the most beautiful scenery! Lush green everywhere, beautiful farmlands, gorgeous countryside, but my favorite are the little villages nestled into the mountainsides or sitting on a pinnacle high above the world below. Of course, they were originally built high up for protection but, today they stand as monuments to a vast array of history! This day we took the same road, but this time in the opposite direction from Pescara to Rome, not as good because you miss one of my favorite villages, but still fun and enjoyable!

Relaxing Thru The Tunnel

RelaxingThruTunnelCocullo, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

One of the many tunnels we went thru on the road to Rome! Tunnels are fun, but you don’t want to hold you breath while going thru this one, 2 1/2 miles!

Welcome May

WelcomeMayGuidonia, Italia – 2016 – Canon 50D

After having a wonderful evening with friends, we were preparing for bed when we heard fireworks, apparently to welcome in May or maybe they were welcoming the Pacini’s to ‘ROMA’?

Thru The Trees

ThruTreesRome, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

We were blessed to be with dear friends and have a beautiful sunset as we spent time together!

Leaning Tower of Pisa


Pisa, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

It’s always fun to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa!  I tried to go up it once, but as you can see there aren’t many railings around the outside edge and when you are on the side that tips down it is a very strange feeling!  I tried, failed, but tried!  My stomach got the best of me!

Italian Farmlands

ItalianFarmlandsSenigallia, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

I love driving past the farmlands in all countries and Italy is no exception. They always look so manicured, crisp and beautiful! Somethings I wonder if this is how our Heavenly Father sees us, ‘from a distance’, beautiful, clean and pure!

Ponte Delle Catene


Bagni di Lucca, Italy

We went to the city that Paola is from, Bagni di Lucca, a very quaint, pretty village nestled in the mountains.  I walked across the Bridge of Chains (Ponte Delle Catene) and there was a chair waiting there for me to RELAX on.  I sat down and waited, soon enough a bike came along, there is nothing like a bike, a bridge and relaxing all together!  😊

April 2016

Taken with an iPhone 5s

Ancient Roman Aquaduct?


Lucca, Italy – 2016 – iPhone

As we came into Lucca we saw this Ancient Roman Aqueduct from the freeway.  Craig mentioned to Francesco that I’d like to take a photo of it, so he took us out to it.  This aqueduct was built in 1823 so is not an Ancient Roman Aqueduct like we thought, though Francesco said there was one there before.  But, it does look like the aqueducts that were built by the Ancient Romans.  Anciently, it took water from the Serchio River in Lucca to Pisa, about 20 miles away.  It’s amazing what the ancient Romans did!

Ponte Della Maddalena


Borgo a Mozzano, Italy

Craig’s cousin, Francesco, took us to see his wife, Paola’s, home town. On the way we passed this bridge (Ponte Della Maddalena or Ponte Del Diavolo – “Bridge of Mary Magdalena” or “Devil’s Bridge”), which was on my list to take photos of, so it was perfect! And, the weather and lighting were so good, giving a perfect reflection in the Serchio River!  This bridge was built between 1046-1115 AD.


Farfalla Bianca

BF2b-0607.(IMG_1773)80.+ copyCamerate Nuova, Italy

While out walking with friends thru the mountains northeast of Rome, back in 2007, we came across this beautiful Butterfly (Farfalla).


La Farfalla di Rosa

bf1d-0607-img_1863-60Camerata Nuova, Italy

We went up into the mountains north of Rome with some friends and there, in 2007, we had a wonderful time at our friend’s cabin, Enrico & Letizia.  At one point we all went for a walk, it was gorgeous!  Amongst the trees were these beautiful butterflies, tiny and very small.  My friend Rosa, put one on her hand, so I call this one, La Farfalla di Rosa (Rosa’s Butterfly).


The Leaning Tower of Pisa


Pisa, Italy

I LOVE taking photos of bikes, there has to be a GREAT background, of course! And this one, back in 2006, was perfect!

Camera used: Canon 20D


Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

ch1ab-505-sopra-minerva-rome-italy-80Rome, Italy

When we arrived in Rome I soon found out that there are a lot of churches there.  My attitude at first was that all churches are the same, so I would walk past them.  After about a year of living in Rome, one day I didn’t walk past a particular church, but rather, I walked inside and I was amazed at the beauty I saw.  I soon found that every church is different inside and from then on I always went inside a church to enjoy the wonder and beauty of it!  This church I visited many times over the years and I took this photo of a column and the ceiling in 2005.  Santa Maria sopra Minerva was built on top of the foundations of a temple dedicated to the Greco-Roman goddess Minerva, thus sopra Minerva (above Minerva).  I still remember the first time I walked inside this church, I was in awe at the beauty of the ceiling!