The Great Belt Bridge



As we cruised along from Germany to Norway we went under The Great Belt Bridge.  Of course, I had to put my feet up and RELAX!

Photo taken with an iPhone 5s

The Great Belt Bridge



This bridge connects two of the larger islands in Denmark, which is made up of ever 400 islands. We went under this bridge in our ferry journey to Norway. We crossed a similar bridge (longer one) from Sweden to Denmark more than 2 months ago!

Photo taken with an iPhone 5s

Marble Bridge


Frederiksholms Kanal, Copenhagen, Denmark – 2016 – Canon 50D

We had a wonderful tour on the canals.  There are a lot of bridges that we went under, but this one stood out because it is so ornate and beautiful.  It was designed by the 18th Century architect Nicolai Eigtved and was built at the same time as the first palace. What a great way to see Copenhagen!

Huge Bubble

HugeBubbleCopenhagen, Denmark – 2016 – Canon 50D

As we walked along Copenhagen’s walking street, we saw a man playing with bubbles. They were so big and fun! Later as we passed by him again, children were chasing the bubbles and popping them!  I wanted to get a photograph with some bikes and a bubble.  I had to wait for a little bit because the children were having so much fun, but I finally got this photo!

Royal Yacht


Copenhagen, Denmark

We took a fun cruise around the canal’s of Copenhagen, it was really enjoyable! It was Queen Margarethe II’s birthday, while we were there, so that is why there are so many flags on their yacht.

Photo taken with a Canon 50D


+DE1c-0416.(IMG_267980)Copenhagen, Denmark

On our tour of Copenhagen in 2016, Steve took us to Kristina. My dear friend Allie, told me, when she learned that we were going to Denmark, about this statue of 16 year old Kristina. She is looking out to the harbor and represents all the immigrants from Denmark who left their homes, for their new found religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in America. Kristina sailed with her family to their new home, looking forward and not back. It is a very moving statue and one realizes the sacrifices they made to leave all for the unknown, what faith they had to have!