Prague Castle

PragueCastlePrague, Czech Republic
2016 – iPhone

It was our last day in Prague, the day before we had gone on a walking tour all over Prague, knowing now some places we wanted to re-visit, we again walked all over Prague, which by the way, is a very safe city! I went off on my own for a little while and once again, crossed the Charles Bridge, taking in the busyness of it all and enjoying the sights and sounds of Prague. And of course, snapping photos as I crossed!

National Theater & Legion Bridge

MostLegilPrague, Czech Republic – 2016 – iPhone

As we started our cruise on the Vltava River, our guide told us that the best place for photographs would be on the back of the boat. So, I went back there, sat in a chair, put my feet up and enjoyed the ride! As we turned to go under the Charles Bridge I took this photo.

Beautiful City


Prague, Czech Republic – 2016 – iPhone

On top of a hill near the Prague Castle is a beautiful view of Prague. Standing here one thinks of all the history that has occurred during Prague’s thousand years of existence. Prague is the Capitol of the Czech Republic and the historical Capitol of Bohemia.

Cruising on the Vltava River

CruisingVltavaRiverPrague, Czech Republic
2016 – iPhone

We went on a walking tour of Prague, so by the time we arrived at our cruise I was ready to put my feet up and RELAX, as we went along the Vltava River! In the distance you can see Charles Bridge, named for King Charles IV who started it’s construction in 1357, it was completed in the 15th Century.

Prague – Zagreb


Vysocina, Czech Republic – 2016 – iPhone

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Czech Republic is also very green and forestry like Germany! It was so beautiful as we drove thru the countryside. I of course, put my feet up and RELAXED!

Old Town Square


Prague, Czech Republic
2016 – Canon 50D

Old Town Square is a fun & energetic place with a lot going on, from eating places, jugglers, bubble makers and more! Our guide told us that Walt Disney patterned his Cinderella Castle (the main one as you enter Disneyland) after this church.

Prague Astronomical Clock


Prague, Czech Republic – 2016 – 50D

We went on a great walking tour around Prague. Our guide Jan, (Honza is what his family calls him), said he would take us to the Metro at the end of our tour. So, when it was over, while we waited for him to help the other people on our tour get to where they needed to go, we stood by this clock. When Jan returned I asked him if it was worth it to wait and watch the clock go off (it does every hour on the hour). His response was, “Let’s wait!” So, we did, we visited for the next 15 minutes and then we saw it go! The two little doors opened and the 12 Apostles appeared two by two. The skeleton, on the right, pulled the chain and the bell tolled. It only last a matter of seconds, but it was worth the wait!

This is an amazing clock! It tells the equator, time, zodiac, 24 hour clock, ancient Czech time, moon revolutions, star time, sunrise and sunset, year & month, to name a few things! It is the oldest running astronomical clock in the world.