Adriatic Sea


Durres, Albania

I thought for the next few days I’d show you some beautiful photos of Albania. We were privileged to go there in 2005 with our daughter who served an LDS Mission in Albania. What a wonderful experience it was as we meet the lovely people of Albania and felt her love for this ancient country!




Road to Korçë, Albania

Along the road to Korçë, Albania, we could see Macedonia across the lake.



AL2b-0505.Albania countryside.SM

Elbasan, Albania to Korçë, Albania

We had some beautiful views as we drove to Korçë, Albania from Elbasan. The countryside is gorgeous and lush!


Love the Colors


Tirana, Albania

I love the colors of the buildings throughout Tirana. From what I was told, after Communism fell the people wanted to forget their past, so they painted their buildings bright colors as a sign of a new future.


Capital City


Tirana, Albania

Tirana was surprisingly a very large city and much more modern than I was expecting. The people of Albania are humble, wonderful people!  We loved our trip to Albania!



AL1b-0505 Albania countryside.85


As we flew from Rome, Italy to Tirana, Albania, I was trying to get the perfect photograph, when the pilot tipped our planes wing and I was looking right down on this farm!  I was pleasantly surprised at what a wonderful time we had in Albania!  The people are so warm and friendly!

Camera used:  Canon 20D