Li River Tributary

+CI12b-1008.(IMG_3581)80Near Guilin, China

We went on a small boat ride on the Li River, where we were surrounded by the Karst Mountains. They are very spectacular with their unique shape!


Dragon & Bell


Xi’an, China

We went on a wonderful tour throughout China, back in 2008.  Xi’an is a beautiful, large city, full of culture and history, with over 8 million people.  Da C’en Temple Complex was built in 652 A.D and is amazing!  I love this dragon and bell resting on the corner of a pagoda.


Cruising on the Yangtze River


On a trip to China in 2008, we took a cruise up the Yangtze River.  Some of the highlights were; going up the locks to the top of the dam, after a good nights sleep, watching the sunrise on the river and meeting the wonderful Chinese people!  It was an awesome adventure!

Camera used:  Canon 20D


The Marble Boat

BO41b-1008.(IMG_2314).60+Beijing, China

When visiting China in 2008, we went to the Summer Palace.  It consists of many gardens & many lakes and it is gorgeous.  At the Summer Palace is found The Marble Boat built in 1750 A.D. during the Qing Dynasty.  Obviously, the boat cannot float, it was used by Empress Cixi for lakeside dining and receptions.


Tang Dynasty Show


Xi’an, China

On our tour of China in 2008, we went to the Xi’an Dumpling Banquet and the Tang Dynasty Show.  First, we were treated with dumplings of all kinds and each one was delicious!  Then we watched the Tang Dynasty Show with it’s colorful costumes, incredible choreography and exuberant music.  It was a very spectacular evening!


Great Wall of China

ci1b-1008-img_7116-60Near Beijing, China

In 2008 we went on a tour of China and I found it very fascinating!  We spent a few days in Beijing and while there we went to the Great Wall of China.  It is amazing to me that it was built from 500 B.C. to 1600 A.D.  With the entire wall and all of its branches it measures 13,171 miles long, incredible!