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JuliePacini“Life is messy, even harsh and unpleasant at times. That doesn’t mean we should look the other way and ignore the true beauty that surrounds us!”

Born in New Zealand, Julie was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and lived for a time in Northern California and in Rome, Italy. She, along with her husband Craig, has had the unique opportunity to travel to over 30 countries, exploring the world “thru” the lens. She is the mother of 7, the grandmother of 16 and she loves all of them!!

Julie’s journey on the road to photography began around the age of twelve, when she bought a used box camera at a church bizarre. Even though it only took black and white photos and wasn’t in the best of shape, she loved it so much that it became her constant companion. She took it everywhere and took photos of everything.  Her artistic spirit flourished as she began to see the world through a different perspective. Shortly thereafter, her father returned from a business trip to Japan with a gift – an Olympus Pen camera (see below).   Since then, she has been passionate in developing her eye as a photo artist and in capturing the moments and beauties of this world.

Years later, while visiting friends in Rome, Italy, her friend brought out her camera after dinner to capture their visit, and it happened to be an Olympus Pen camera. just like the one her dad had brought her so many years before!  It might have been a random coincidence, but it filled her with a heightened sense of nostalgia and strengthened her desire to appreciate all this world has to offer.

Julie’s motto is RELAX and ENJOY LIFE! “These sage words of advice were truly a gift from my mother to her children when she passed away over 20 years ago, and my intention is to take that advice and make her proud,” she says. With the passing of her father in 2015, she realizes more than ever the importance of enjoying the time we have here, with our families, with nature, and with everything this world has to offer us. “So,” she says,  “I work hard, but I never forget my motto. I RELAX and ENJOY LIFE every chance I get, for it is then that I feel reverence and appreciation for all of our Heavenly Father’s creations!”

“What is important is the story to be told. Yes…each picture is only a snapshot in time, but each photo has a story of its own to tell.”


The original Olympus Pen camera was introduced in 1959. It was designed by Yoshihisa Maitani, and was the first half-frame camera produced in Japan. It was one of the smallest cameras to use 35mm film in regular 135 cassettes. It was thought to be as portable as a pen; thus the name. The idea was to be much copied by other Japanese makers.

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